Plenty to Choose from

At Oishii by Elle, we offer various authentic Japanese dishes that are made from the freshest, finest ingredients. Browse our wide-ranging menu below to find your perfect dish.

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01. Edamame Beans                                     £3.50
       Steamed green soybeans with sea salt. (S) (V)


02. Gyoza Chicken (4 Pieces)                       £6.95
       Home-made pan grilled dumpling.

       (S) (G) (Se)

03. Yakitori (3 Sticks)                                     £5.95
       Griller skewers of chicken with teriyaki

       sauce. (S) (G) (Se) (Mo) (M) (Ce) (Mu) (E)


04. Ika No Piri Kara-Age                                £6.95
       Crispy deep fried squid with

       homemade chilli sauce. (Mo) (G) (S)

05. Tori Kara-Age                                           £6.95
       Chicken marinated in soy and

       then deep fried to crispiness. (S) (G) (L)

06. Tartare                                                       £8.95

       (COLD) (Choice of tuna or salmon)

       With avocado and tobiko. With wasabi ponzu

       and teriyaki sauce along with spicy mayonnaise.

       (F) (Se) (S) (E) (G) (Mu)

07. Poppy Crusted Sashimi (6 Pcs)              £8.95

       (COLD) With seaweed and caramelized

       mustard miso. (Mu) (M) (Se) (S)


08. Spinach Goma                                          £4.95
       (COLD) Spinach dressed with sesame     

       seeds, miso and sesame sauce.

       (Se) (S) (G) (Pn) [V]

09. Seared Salmon Sashimi (6 Pcs)              £8.95
       (COLD) With ponzu citrus dressing

       topped with spring onions.

       (F) (S) (Mu) (G) (Ce) (Se) (Sd)

10. Beef Tataki (8 Pcs)                                  £10.95
       (COLD) Carpaccio of sirloin with

       tangy homemade ponzu flavored

       with slice of fresh chili, spring onion

       and garlic chip. (S) (Mu) (G) (F) (Ce) (Se) (Sd)

11. Scallop Asparagus Kariyaki (7 Pcs)        £9.95
       Pan fried scallop and asparagus

       with soy, sake, garlic and butter.
       (Mo) (G) (S) (M) (Ce) (Mu) (Se)   

11. Scallop Asparagus Kariyaki 

Vegetable Selections


Please note if you’re strictly vegetarian, please inform our staff before you order. 

12. Agedashi Tofu (4 Pcs)                              £6.50
       Crispy coated deep-fried tofu

       with tentsuya sauce. (S) (G) (Se) (V)

13. Gyoza Vegetable (4 Pcs)                          £6.95
       Home-made, pan fried vegetable

       dumplings.  (G) (S) (V)

14. Nasu Dengaku                                          £6.95
       Grilled aubergine with sweet miso

       and sesame seed. (S) (G) (Se) (V)

15. Yasai Tempura (7 Pcs)                             £7.50
       Lightly battered deep fried vegetables.

       (G) (S) (V)

16. Vegetarian Sushi Selection (6 Pcs)        £7.95
       Chef's selection of mixed

       vegetarian platter. (G) (S) (Se) (V)



17. Ebi Tempura (5 Pcs)                               £9.50
       Lightly battered Deep Fried

       King Prawns. (C) (G) (S)

18. Soft Shell Tempura (5 Pcs)                    £9.95
       Battered Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab.

       (C) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

19. Tempura Mori                                        £9.95
       Mixed lightly battered of three

       deep fried king prawns, one fish

       and five vegetables. (F) (C) (G) (S)

20. Chicken/Pork Katsu                               £8.50
       Breaded deep fried chicken OR pork

       with salad. ( without Rice or Curry Sauce)

       (G) (E) (S) (L) (Se) (Pn) 

17. Ebi Tempura

Maki Sushi


21. Crispy Hot Prawn Roll                             £8.95
       Tempura prawn, spicy mayo

       and teriyaki sauce.

       (L) (C) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se) 

22. Crispy Soft Shell Crab Roll                      £9.50
       Tempura soft shell, spicy mayo

        and teriyaki sauce.

        (C) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

23. Crispy Scallop Roll                                    £9.50
       Tempura scallop, spicy mayo

       and teriyaki sauce.

       (Mo) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

24. Salmon or Tuna Avocado Roll                £8.95
       With avocado and mayonnaise.

        (F) (G) (Se) (S) (E) (Mu)

25. Spicy Salmon/Tuna Roll                          £8.95
       With spring onion, avocado

        and spicy mayonnaise sauce.

        (F) (G) (Se) (S) (E) (Mu)

26. California Roll (M)                                    £11.95
       Crabmeat with avocado, cucumber,

        yellow pickle and mayonnaise

        coated with tobiko.

        (G) (C) (F) (S) (E) (Mu)

25. Spicy Salmon/Tuna Roll

For None Fish Lovers

(8 PCS)


27. Beef Special Roll                                    £11.95
       Lightly seared marinated beef

       with asparagus, avocado, spring onion

       and miso. (S) (G)

28. Roasted Duck with Mango Sauce         £9.50
       Crispy duck with mango sauce,

       spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce.

       (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

29. Chicken Teriyaki Roll with Asparagus  £7.95
       Chicken teriyaki with asparagus

       topped with teriyaki sauce.

       (S) (G) (Mo) (M) (Ce) (Mu) (Se) 

30. Spicy Chicken Lemongrass Roll            £8.95
       Spicy chicken with kimchi sauce,

       lemongrass and basil as well as

       spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

       (G) (S) (Mu) (F) (Ce) (Se) (Sd) (E) 

30. Spicy Chicken Lemongrass Roll



Small seaweed rolls of rice filled with fish

OR vegetables (8 PCS)


31. Salmon Roll (F) (G) (Mu)                       £3.95


32. Tuna Roll (F) G) (Mu)                             £4.95


33. Cucumber Roll (G) (Mu) (V)                  £2.95


34. Avocado Roll (G) (Mu) (V)                     £3.00


36. Pickle Roll (G) (Mu) (V)                          £2.95


37. Asparagus Tempura Roll                     £2.95

      (G) (S) (Mu) (V)                                     

33. Cucumber Roll Hosomaki



(1 Pcs on Rice)


38. Sake (Salmon) (F) (G) (Mu)                    £2.50
39. Maguro (Tuna) (F) (G) (Mu)                   £2.85
40. Shimesaba (Mackerel) (F) (G) (Mu)      £2.25
41. Tako (Octopus) (Mo) (G) (Mu)               £2.00
42. Ebi (Prawn) (C) (G) (Mu)                         £2.85
43. Saketoro (Fatty Salmon) (F) (G) (Mu)   £2.95
44. Suzuki (Seabass) (F) (G) (Mu)                £2.95
45. Hamachi (Yellowtail) (F) (G) (Mu)         £3.95
46. Unagi (Eel) (F) (S) (G) (Mu)                     £3.95
47. Ikura (Salmon Roe) ) (F) (S) (G) (Mu)    £3.95
48. Hotate (Scallop) (Mo) (G) (F) (S) (Mu)  £3.95

38. Nigiri Sake (Salmon)



Coned Shaped Hand Rolls stuffed with rice

and choice of fillings (1 Pcs)

49. Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko  £3.95

       (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (F)
50. Tuna, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko      £4.20
      (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (F)

51. California Prawn, avocado, tobiko          £4.85
       Crab meat, avocado, cucumber,

       yellow pickle and tobiko.

       (C) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (F)

49. Salmon, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko
50. Tuna, avocado, mayonnaise, tobiko


Slices of raw, fresh Seafood served with

Julienne Mooli, Soya Sauce and Wasabi.

52. Chef’s Sashimi Selection (18 pcs)      £29.95
       (F) (G) (Mo) (C) (Mu) 

53. Salmon Sashimi (4 pcs)                         £7.95
       (F), (G, Mu for Wasabi)

54. Seabass Sashimi (4 pcs)                        £7.95
       (F), (G, Mu for Wasabi)

55. Tuna Sashimi (4 pcs)                             £8.50
       (F), (G, Mu for Wasabi)

56. Octopus Sashimi (4 pcs)                       £7.95
      (Mo), (G, Mu for Wasabi) 

57. Mackerel Sashimi (4 pcs)                      £7.95
      (F), (G, Mu for Wasabi) 

58. Yellow Tail Sashimi (4 pcs)                 £10.95
      (F), (G, Mu for Wasabi) 

59. Eel Sashimi (4 pcs)                                 £7.95
      (F) (S) (G, Mu for Wasabi) 

60. Prawn Sashimi (4 pcs)                           £7.95
      (C) (G) (Mu)  

61. Scallop Sashimi (4 pcs)                          £6.95

      (Mo) (F) (S) (G) (Mu) 

52. Chef’s Sashimi Selection (18 pcs)

Slices of raw, fresh Seafood served with Julienne Mooli, Soya Sauce and Wasabi

Oishii Special Rolls

(6 PCS)


62. Oishii Roll                                               £12.95
       Salmon, mozzarella, avocado

       with spicy mayo and teriyaki sauce.

       Dipped in tempura batter and deep fried.

       (G) (M) (F) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

63. Unagi Roll                                               £12.50
       Grilled eel with avocado and

       teriyaki sauce.  (F) (S) (G) (Se) (Mu)

64. Spider Roll                                              £12.50
       Deep fried soft shell crab with masago,     

       avocado, cucumber, spring onion,

       spicy mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

      (G) (S) (C) (F) (E) (Mu) (Se) 

65. Dragon Volcano Roll                             £12.50
       Prawn tempura, avocado, cucumber,

       tobiko with spicy mayonnaise sauce

       and teriyaki sauce.

       (C) (G) (S) (F) (E) (Mu) (Se)


66. Crazy Roll                                                 £11.95
       Spicy salmon, avocado, sesame oil,

       spring onion, mayonnaise with green

       vegetable and masago. 

       (F) (Se) (S) (E) (G) (Mu) (Pn) (N)


67. Spicy Samurai Roll                                 £12.95
       Cooked scallop, prawn tempura, avocado,

       spring onion and tobiko with spicy

       mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce.

       (C) (G) (S) (Mo) (Ce) (Mu) (Se) (Sd) (F) (E) 

Extra Dips and Relishes


E1. GINGER                                     £1.00


E2. WAZABI                                     £0.50


E3. CURRY SAUCE                          £2.95


E4. SWEET CHILLI SAUCE              £2.50


E5. SPICY MAYO / MAYO               £1.50


E6. TERIYAKI SAUCE                       £1.95


Main Dish


68. Seabass No Shogayaki                        £16.95
       Pan fried seabass fillet with ginger soy sauce

       and salads. (G)


69. Amai Duck                                            £18.95
       Grilled roasted duck breast with raspberry

       OR teriyaki sauce with pineapple

       and mixed vegetables. (G)

70. Chicken Teriyaki                                  £12.95
       Grilled chicken thighs with teriyaki sauce

       and stir fry vegetables.  (G) (Se)

71. Salmon Miso Teriyaki                         £15.95
       Grilled with Miso Teriyaki sauce served

       with golden pumpkin cakes. (G) (Se) (E)

Chefs Specials


72. Gin Dara                                               £27.95
       Grilled black cod marinated with

       either sweet OR spicy miso. F, G, S

       [ SALAD = SE, S, G, PN ]

       [IF YOU ORDER SPICY = S,MU ] 

73. Oishii Sushi & Sashimi                       £32.95
       >3pcs of Nigiri; choose from

       Tuna, Salmon, Prawn or Yellowtail

       >6pcs of California roll

       >3pcs of Salmon Sashimi

       >3pcs of Tuna Sashimi

       >3pcs of Seabass Sashimi

       (G) (C) (F) (S) (E) (Mu)

74. Rainbow Roll (8 Pcs)                           £27.95
       Crisp salmon skin, spring onions

       and cucumber. Wrapped with salmon,

       tuna, seabass and avocado.

       Topped with tenkatsu, teriyaki sauce,

       mayonnaise, tobiko and masago.

       (F) (G) (S) (E) (Mu) (Se)

75. Sumiyaki Sirloin Steak                         £17.95
       Grilled sirloin with asparagus,

       mushroom, tomato with 3 Sauces

       (spicy mayonnaise, yakiniku sauce

       and ponzu sauce).

       (S) (M) (G) (Mo) (Ce) (Mu) (E) (Se) 

76. Oishii Sashimi (12 pcs)                        £17.95
       Seared salmon, seabass with

       Japanese spicy and ponzu citrus

       dressing and wakame salad.

       (F) (S) (G) (Ce) (Mu) (Se) (Sd)  

72. Gin Dara (Grilled Black Cod)

Side Dishes


77. Steamed Rice (G) (Se) (V)                      £3.25


78. Garlic Fried Rice with Egg                   £3.50

       (G) (S) (E) (M) (Mo) (Ce) (Mu)


79. Stir fried Vegetables                            £4.95

      (G) (S) (V)


80. Miso Soup                                             £3.25
       With silk tofu, seaweed and

       spring onion. (G) (S) (V)


81. Mixed Japanese Pickle (V)                   £4.50


82. Kimchi                                                    £3.50
       Pickled spicy Chiness leaves.

       (S) (G) (F) (Ce) (Mu) (Se) (Sd)

83. Wakame Salad                                      £5.50
       Seaweed and shredded cucumber

       with tosa-ponzu sauce. (Se) (S) (G) (V)


84. Sashimi Salad Mustard dressing        £7.95
       (Se) (S) (G) (Pn) (F)


85. Tofu Salad Sesame dressing              £5.95
       (Se) (S) (G) (Pn) (V) 


86. Mix Leaf Salad Miso dressing             £4.95

       (Se) (S) (G) (Pn) (V) 



87. Nabyaki Udon/Soba (Soup)              £10.95
       Noodles with chicken, egg,

       vegetables and prawn tempura

       cooked in a castiron pot.

       (G) (S) (F) (C) (E)

88. Tempura Udon/Soba (Soup)              £8.95
       2 Pcs prawn tempura and

       3 Pcs vegetables tempura,

       wakame and spring onions.

       (G) (S) (F) (C)

89. Kitsune Udon/Soba (Soup)                £7 95

       Inari tofu, wakame and spring onions.

       (G) (S) (V)

90. Yaki Udon                                            £10.95
       Stir fried thick wheat noodle with

       Prawns (C), Chicken or Beef.

       OR Vegetables (Vg) opton for vegan.

       (G) (M) (S) (Mo) (Ce) (Mu)

91. Yaki Soba                                              £10.95
       Stir Fried Egg Noodles with

       Prawns (C), Chicken or Beef.

       OR Vegetables (Vg) opton for vegan.

       (E) (G) (M) (S) (Mo) (Ce) (Mu)

Donburi on Rice


92. Ten Don                                                £9.95
       Prawn and vegetable tempura.

       (G) (S) (C) (Se)

93. Katsu Don                                             £9.95
       Pork in breadcrumbs with egg.

       (G) (S) (E) (Se)

94. Chicken Teriyaki Don                          £9.95
       Grilled chicken with teriyaki.

       (G) (S) (Se) 

95. Gyu Don                                                £9.95
       Stir fried beef in teriyaki sauce.

       (G) (S) (Se)

96. Oyako Don                                            £9.50
       Chicken and egg on rice.

       (S) (G) (E) (Se)

97. Salmon Teriyaki Don                           £9.95
       Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.

       (F) (S) (G) (Se)

98. Chirachi Don                                       £13.95
       Rice on top of Raw tuna, salmon,

       seabass, ikura on top, pickles

       and ginger. (G) (F) (Mu) (S)

99. Prawn Katsu Curry (5 pcs)                £12.95
       Breaded Deep Fried King Prawn

       with curry and rice. (C) (G) (S) (M) 

100. Chicken/Pork Katsu Curry              £10.95
       Chicken supreme in breadcrumbs

       with vegetable curry with rice

       OR ramen noodles OR udon noodles.

       (G) (S) (M)

101. Tofu Katsu Curry                               £9.95
       Crispy coated tofu with vegetable

       curry and rice. (S) (G) (M)

97. Salmon Teriyaki Don

“Lots of Choice on Menu”

“The food is amazing and very high quality. When the first night opened, I
loved it - they serve soft drinks and delicious green tea but you can bring
your own wine or beer for a corkage charge. Very nice ambience. This is
definitely worth a visit, lots of choice on menu from sashimi/sushi/Katsu curry to mixed plates. Will definitely go again and again!!”


“Excellent staff and delicious food that is beautifully presented”

“What an amazing new restaurant. Excellent staff and delicious food that is beautifully presented. My kids (5 and 7) cleared their plates and asked for more. We will definitely be back to sample more from the menu.”


“Awesome Lunch”

“Just been for an awesome lunch. We tried lots of different bits from the menu and everything was amazing!! Will definitely be back and will be recommending it! 5 stars.”


“Great Food and Very Friendly Staff”

“This is what a good sushi restaurant is about - great food and very friendly staff. My new favourite place in Hertford!”


“Relaxed Atmosphere, Top-Quality Food, BYO Wine”

“I have been there twice since they opened and the food was just amazing,
relaxed atmosphere, top-quality food, BYO wine - what's not to like! The Katsu curry was delicious last night - I'll be back”


“Excited to Have Such Amazing Cuisine”

“Had a wonderful lunch today - we are so excited to have such amazing cuisine in Hertford. Fresh, tasty, inventive, and decorative good and good service. Well done and good luck!”


“Great Selection of Vegetarian Food”

“What a lovely experience. The food really was oishii and the staff were very friendly. Great selection of vegetarian food. Would definitely go back again!!”